The Global Midwives' Hub

The Global Midwives' Hub

A Resource to Improve Health Outcomes and Advocate for Midwifery.

The Global Midwives' Hub is a digital data resource where midwives and midwives’ associations can discover information about the state of their profession and the need for safe delivery services. This information will help them to advocate for a midwife-led continuity of care and to strengthen maternal and newborn health services within their countries and regions. 

Developed by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and Direct Relief, the Global Midwives' Hub is designed with input from midwives themselves, and displays data generated by the midwifery profession as well as official global sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
ICM and Direct Relief share a mission to improve maternal and newborn health globally. These two organisations are working together to leverage data to empower midwives in their efforts to inform policy makers of their vital role in saving lives and strengthening communities.

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