Expressions of Interest - MEAP

ICM is calling for Expressions of Interest (EoI) from midwifery education providers to participate in this funded MEAP process. Please note that the deadline for submitting the EoI is 28th February 2019.

Funding has been made available by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) for up to  three eligible midwifery education programmes to undertake  the MEAP at no cost. The three selected programmes will be the first to undertake ICM’s MEAP and as such, will contribute to evaluation of the MEAP. 

Eligibility criteria for funded participation in MEAP:

  • your school must offer the midwifery education programme in English;
  • your school must be located either in Asia or Africa;
  • your programme must be accredited by your national accreditation body;
  • your programme must be recognised by your national regulatory body for midwives;
  • your pre-service midwifery programme must be either
    • a Direct entry midwifery programme of at least three-years’ duration, or
    • a midwifery programme for qualified and registered nurses of at least 18-months’ duration;
  • at least one cohort of graduates will have completed your programme and graduates will have met the licensing/registration requirements in your country;
  • as a result of evaluating your own experiences in delivering the programme and from consideration of feedback from students and graduates you have made revisions to the programme.


Selection process:

  • Applying midwifery schools must complete the attached EoI form and return it to ICM with additonal documentation as requested, by the closing date above.
  • ICM may seek further information from applying schools
  • ICM will select three midwifery programmes that it considers best meet its selection criteria
  • ICM aims to notify selected programmes by 29 March 2019


ICM’s decisions will be final and ICM will not enter into correspondance about its decisions.


  • Selected programmes Self-Evaluation Report:The applying institution will be sent the Self-Evaluation Report template, including detailed instructions. We will require the applying institution to submit all necessary documents within approximately four to six months. It is important that the accreditation experts assigned by ICM have the information to make an objective first assessment of the midwifery educational programme. Once the applying institution has finished the self-evaluation, the Self-Evaluation Report and the required appendices need to be submitted by the applying institution to the ICM.


  • The Self-Evaluation Report and the appendices will be carefully reviewed by the accreditation experts. Experts may require additional information. This review process will last between four to eight weeks.


  • During this period the applying institution should be in close communication with the ICM MEAP coordinator regarding dates for the Assessment Phase (including an in-country site visit). During the site visit, two accreditation experts, in close collaboration with the applying institution, will assess the midwifery educational programme, using a mixed-methods approach. The ICM MEAP coordinator will provide detailed information about setting up required meetings and discussions. The in-country site visit itself will last for at least four full days.


  • Based on the information received through the EoI, Self-Evaluation Report and assessment during the in-country site visit, accreditation experts will triangulate their findings and produce a draft Evaluation Report. It will include the results of their assessment of the different quality standards and will provide recommendations and a preliminary accreditation decision. Prior to the final decision related to accreditation, the draft Evaluation Report will be shared with the applying institution for review and feedback. The ICM experts will subsequently finalise the Evaluation Report and make a final decision related to accreditation. The final Evaluation Report and final decision will be shared with the applying institution.


At this stage, you are now about to express interest of your institution in participating in the Midwifery Education Accreditation Programme (MEAP) funded process.

In this first phase, ICM will determine the eligibility (see eligibility criteria above) of your programme.

Please note that funding will cover the costs of the MEAP itself, but not the institutions cost’s (eg. Staff costs) in preparing the required documentation or preparing for the site visit.

Submission form. Please submit your forms to


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