Global Competency Assessment Standard Consultant Role

Global Competency Assessment Standard Consultant Role

ICM is seeking 2 midwifery education experts to develop a global midwifery competency assessment standard that can be contexualised to local needs for three user groups: midwifery educators, midwifery regulators, and midwifery practitioners. This work forms a part of the Strengthening Midwifery Services Project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). 

Scope of the work and Terms of Reference for the Global Competency Assessment Standard 

The two midwifery education experts are expected to: 

1. Gather and review existing competency assessment processes and tools from midwifery educators and regulators from around the world; 

2. Review existing processes and tools used by midwifery regulators to assess the competency of midwives entering the profession; 

3. Analyse the processes and tools received in 1 and 2 above to identify common approaches; 

4. Use the results from 1 to 3 above and the formal literature review1 to draft assessment tools/standard for the ICM’s essential competencies for basic midwifery practice for three user groups: midwifery educators, midwifery regulators, and midwifery practitioners; 

5. Undertake consultation exercise with ICM’s Education and Regulation Standing Committee Members and wider sector stakeholders to later revise the draft assessment standards/tools; 

6. Revise the Competency Assessment tools/Standards; 

7. Draft key principles on how to implement the standards to meet the context-specific needs; 

8. Develop a plan for how the ICM might disseminate and implement the Competency Assessment Standards. 

Duration of the consultancy: 1st May 2019 to 31st December 2019. 


The following deliverable should be submitted: 

  • Review of existing competency assessment tools used by midwifery regulators; 
  • Draft competency assessment tools and standards; 
  • Draft consultation plan which will include: approach to consultation, list of stakeholders to be consulted, timescale, and how the consultation response will be utilised to revise the assessment tools; 
  • A draft report consisting of revised assessment tools/standards with key assessment principles for contexualisation, with relevant appendices. The report will be submitted to ICM staff and Council for feedback. 
  • Final report incorporating ICM feedback; 
  • A Competency Assessment Standard dissemination and implementation plan for ICM; 
  • Bi-weekly progress reports to the Project Manager 


Qualifications and skills of the consultants 

  • Master’s or PhD in relevant subject areas (e.g.: Health, Education). 
  • Excellent understanding of competency assessment tools and processes. 
  • Experience of competency-based education design and assessments. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a range of partners and other experts, consultants. 
  • Professional experience in or understanding of midwifery programmes across ICM’s six regions. 
  • Fluency in English - required. 
  • At least one consultant must also be an experienced midwife with knowledge and experience of midwifery regulation, education, and practice 
  • Initial proposal and budget:

    ICM requests that the Consultants for Global Competency assessment tools provide a covering letter addressing above criteria, estimate of days to carry out this work, and CV by end of business (CET) on 31st March 2019. 

  • The total fees available for this contract: for 2 consultants is $60,516. 

    All correspondence should be directed to:, and 



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