Young Midwife Leaders

The YML programme is a 2-year programme created by ICM with the support from Johnson & Johnson Foundation. The program provides selected young midwives with a unique opportunity to learn how to develop as leaders in their professional lives and the communities they work in. The programme challenges young midwives to broaden their knowledge of key policy areas in maternal and newborn health and create innovative projects to address some of the biggest global health challenges of today.

The YML programme consists of: 

  • Online, interactive learning on leadership, and the role and function of International Confederation of Midwives 
  • A combination of group and individual projects
  • Attendance the ICM regional conference (2019) and Congress (2020) 
  • ICM will support a chosen mentor for each YML to develop their mentoring skills  
  • Development of a community of practice for young midwives globally

The programme aims to identify young midwives with the potential to become leaders within their national midwifery communities and to build their capacity to become the global and regional midwifery leaders of tomorrow.

2019 YML Team


Sylvia Hamata

Namibia -

Sylvia Hamata is a Namibian, Registered Midwife and an admitted Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Namibia. She is passionate about legal matters pertaining to the midwifery workforce within health systems.

Her project is aimed at educating midwives on legal aspects they encounter in their daily working environments and how to use that knowledge to enhance quality care to the benefit of the patients and their families, focusing on the importance of good record keeping and delegation of care. She aims to develop a mobile app to disseminate the information to all midwives across Namibia.

Harriet Nayiga

Uganda -

Harriet Nayiga, is a Ugandan midwife ;at Wentz Medical Center with five ;years of experience. She is the director and founder of Midwife-led Community Transformation (MILCOT) a charity community based organisation aimed at bridging the gap between the midwife and the local community by focusing on adolescent sexual health and rights, to prevent teenage pregnancies, maternal mortality and morbidity.

Harriet's YML project is focused on promoting barrier methods of family planning among adolescent prostitutes to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Tekla Mbidi

Namibia -

Tekla Mbidi is a young and enthusiastic professionalmidwife from Windhoek, Namibia who is currently working as a midwife educator at an institution of higher learning in Namibia.

Tekla's YML project is focused on advocating for respectful maternity care knowledge and practices among Namibian midwives.Her goal is to promote an enabling midwifery practice environment in which midwives and expectant mothers are treated in a dignified manner and where the rights of women and their babies are defended.

Bartholomew Kamlewe

Zambia -

Bartholomew is an innovative, self motivated midwife working at Katondwe Hospital which is located in rural Zambia, about 300km East of the Capital Lusaka. Bartholomew has a postgraduate diploma in midwifery and a diploma in nursing. Bartholomew's project aims to address one of the three delays contributing to maternal deaths which is the delay to reach health facility.  Being the only referral hospital offering CEmONC services in the District, it is imperative that mothers coming from far places to await delivery at the hospital, live in a comfortable home away from home. However, the environment is currently not conducive. Beds are vandalized, doors are not secure, lighting is needed and walls need re-painting.

Bounmy Inthavong

Canada/Laos -

Bounmy is a Canadian midwife with strong ties to Laos through her hertiage. She works in St. Jacobs, Canada. Her focus is midwifery care around empowerment through informed decision making. Bounmy's project will build upon the technical support that Bounmy is already providing to the Lao Association of Midwives (LAM) in collaboration with UNFPA-Laos. Bounmy hopes to integrate tools developed by ICM to arm LAM with the capacity to be advocates for their profession and the communities the midwives serve.

Luseshelo Fanny Simwinga

Malawi -

Luseshelo Fanny Simwinga is a midwife from Malawi. Her project is focused on promoting Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) at Ntchisi district hospital in Malawi through the formulation of a community taskforce that will ensure that RMC is adhered to and bridge the communication gap between the community and the hospital. She will also influence the formulation of policies, at district level, that will ensure that components of RMC are taken into serious consideration.

Neha Mankani

Pakistan -

Neha Mankani is a public health practitioner and a midwife. She is the founder of the Mama Baby Fund, a financial emergency response fund for maternal and neonatal health in Pakistan. She has developed a purpose built midwife led birthing facility in remote Pakistan.Neha's project is focused on ‘Continuing Education for Young Midwives’ and aims to build the skill and knowledge of new Community Midwives (CMWs) in Pakistan. The project wil enroll a group of young midwives and connect them to mentors (practicing midwives) that will work with them at clinical sites to hone their skills, and provide them with ongoing trainings on lactation, family planning,newborn and infant care, among other skills.

Samson Udho

Uganda -

Samson Udho is a Lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Lira University-Uganda and the Clinical Supervisor-Midwifery at Lira University Teaching Hospital. His project under the YML programme is geared at increasing enrolment of midwives from Lango sub-region, Northern Uganda into Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union (UNMU) through the formation of a Lango sub-region Midwifery Society (LMS).

Sebabatso Makafane

South Africa -

Sebabatso Makafane is a practising midwife who is passionate about maternal health and the promotion of women sexual reproductive health and rights. She is the founder and chairperson of a nonprofit organization called Black Woman Arise Women’s Health Foundation Her project will be undertaking to bridge the gap between the care provided by midwives and other healthcare professional before and during pregnancy, as well as during and after childbirth, ensuring that quality healthcare provided by healthcare providers will be quality healthcare received by the women.

Olajumoke Adebayo

Nigeria -

Olajumoke Adebayo is a young midwife from Nigeria. Olajumoke is the founder of Reprolife and director of programmes for the Neo Child Initiative a social enterprise focussed on improving health and wellbeing of women, girls and young people. Ola's project aims to:

  • Engage high level midwives on policy advocacy for better work conditions.
  • Create midwifery policy framework to strengthen midwifery care.


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