More Happy Birthdays


More Happy Birthdays project staff from RAM, ICM and LDSC

More Happy Birthdays

The More Happy Birthday(Rwanda) project builds off the success of the 50,000 and 10,000 Happy Birthdays projects and will enable more midwives and other providers to continue saving lives at birth. The Rwanda Association of Midwives, supported by the Rwanda Ministry of Health will train providers using the Helping Mothers Survive (Jhpiego) and Helping Babies Survive (American Academy of Pediatrics) suite of programmes. The innovative Safe Delivery App (SDA) will be included in the project to complement the training and will also support workplace learning with guidance for short, frequent practice sessions which are known to improve quality of care. ICM’s partners, Maternity Foundation and Novametrics have developed a robust digital monitoring and evaluation system to ensure that data collected reflects the positive changes to clinical practice and health outcomes. The More Happy Birthdays inception and planning phase began in September of 2020, and field activities are scheduled to start before the end of the year. 


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