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A call to action: Leading the way in Respectful Maternity Care.


 A call to action: Leading the way in Respectful Maternity Care. 

‘I urge midwives to stop being so well behaved and to take on their duty to advocate for women’s rights to a good birth’ Franka Cadée ICM President. 

Venue: Safari Court Conference Centre, Windhoek, Namibia. 

11th September 9.00 – 17.00 full pre conference workshop day. 

12th September 1400 - 1745 train the trainers in Respectful Care. 

Are you interested in developing your leadership skills so that maternity becomes the centre of respectful care? This workshop will give you insight into how RESPECT will transform the maternity workforce. The ICM is calling all midwives to make a stand and lead the way. 

In a recent landscape report ‘What Women Want’ undertaken by the White Ribbon Alliance over 1.2 million women said that RESPECT is what matters the most. This full day, interactive workshop takes an active approach to learning, connecting and leading the way in respectful maternity care. You can join the revolution by learning how to: 

EMPOWER yourself and your midwife colleagues to explore barriers to respectful maternity care 

ADVOCATE for respectful maternity care practices through facilitation skills that enable you to run workshops 

EXPERIENCE new ways of dealing with challenging situations 


DEVELOP assertive listening and talking skills that can help you to speak up and give feedback in practice 

HIGHLIGHT how zero tolerance policies and systems will make a difference 

TOGETHER create supportive networks 

Following the workshop, we invite you to attend a 3-hour train the trainer session where you learn how to facilitate and run your own RESPECT workshops. Knowledge and skills include: 

  • How to teach listening and empathy skills 
  • The process of changing culture and consciousness 
  • Action methods of teaching 
  • Using social media as a potent teaching tool 

Registration: Pre registration to the conference essential. 

Expression of Interest: To register for the pre-conference workshop day, please email Ann Yates, ICM Lead Midwife Advisor at by 31st August 2019. 

Both workshops will be facilitated by a small team of highly skilled and experienced international midwives, whose incredible work in this area has brought them together to share their expertise and knowledge.





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