International Day of the Midwife 2021

Watch this space for an announcement about the #IDM2021 theme.


#IDM2020 has Come and Gone -  Here’s a Recap of how we Celebrated.

Thank you for your support in making #IDM2020 a HUGE success. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite memories from this year’s IDM, including our ‘Midwives with Women’ video tribute. Scroll through the content below to find webinars, stories, and photos, including wonderful initiatives shared by Member Associations. 

WHO #IDM2020 Webinar with Franka Cadée 

UNFPA Facebook Live with Sally Pairman and other Global Health Leaders

In all cultures, the midwife's place is on the threshold of life, where intense human emotions, fear, hope, longing, triumph, and incredible physical power enable a new human being to emerge. -Sheila Kitzinger 

Click here to see the amazing photo-gallery tribute our friends at Laerdal created for #IDM2020 

Did you miss World Health Organization (WHO)'s #IDM2020 webinar? Click on the link below to listen to ICM President, Franka Cadée and other global health leaders advocate for #midwives and their life-saving and life-promoting work.

Click here to see use Password: IDM@5May2020

The New Zealand College of Midwives

The New Zealand College of Midwives celebrated IDM with written messages from midwives across their country.

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The Association Nationale des Sages-Femmes au Maroc

The Association Nationale des Sages-Femmes au Maroc marked IDM by supplying low-income pregnant and birthing women with gift baskets containing food and supplies for newborns.

The Tanzania Midwives Association

The Tanzania Midwives Association brought together influential people in their country to record a message in support of midwives and their work.

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Midwives in Ethiopia

Midwives in Ethiopia gathered in a group at a safe distance from one another to mark #IDM2020

Afghan Midwives Association

A message from the President on #IDM2020

A Brief History of International Day of the Midwife 

Each year since 1992, ICM leads global recognition and celebration of the work of midwives, on the 5th of May.  

Each year ICM comes up with a campaign theme to motivate its Member Associations, partners and stakeholders to raise awareness about the status of midwives and the essential care they provide to mothers and their newborns.  

Celebrating IDM amidst Covid-19 
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to make sure our Member Associations and midwives everywhere are able to mark #IDM2020 without large gatherings or in-person events. 

  • Here are ICM's suggestions on celebrating IDM amidst Covid-19

IDM 2020

The theme for IDM 2020 is Midwives with women: celebrate, demonstrate, mobilise, unite – our time is NOW!

Are you part of a female-focused organisation? We've developed this resource to support with your plans to mark #IDM2020

Past IDM themes

  • IDM 2019 theme was: Midwives: Defenders of Women's Rights
  • IDM 2018: Midwives leading the way with quality care 
  • IDM 2017: Midwives, Mothers and Families: Partners for Life!
  • IDM 2016: Women and Newborns: The Heart of Midwifery
  • IDM 2015: Midwives: For a Better Tomorrow 
  • IDM 2014: Midwives Changing the World One Family at a Time
  • IDM 2013: The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever
  • IDM 2012: The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever
  • IDM 2011: The first 5km of the long Walk to Durban in South
  • IDM 2010: The World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever
  • IDM 2009: The World Needs Midwives More Than Ever
  • IDM 2008: Healthy Families – the Key to the Future


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