ICM 2019 Awards

ICM is delighted to announce the 2019 award winners:


  • Cesa Pratiwi (Indonesia) – ICM Research Award – English speaking
  • Beti Co (Guinea-Bissau) – ICM Research Award – French speaking (and English)
  • Lamya Allam (Morocco) – ICM Education Award – French speaking
  • Emma Nghitanwa (Namibia) – ICM Education Award – English speaking
  • Veronica Oduro-Kwarteng (Ghana) – Marie Goubran Agent of Change Award – English speaking


More information about the awards:

Marie Goubran Agent of Change Award

The Marie Goubran Agent of Change Award is a memorial award established to recognise midwives in countries with special needs and limited funding opportunities, who demonstrate similar leadership and commitment, specifically in healthy baby development. 

ICM Research Award 2019

The purpose of the ICM Research Award is to promote midwifery research that enhances and documents evidence-based midwifery practice and to further develop midwifery research capacity. The award supports midwives to engage in research and recognise midwives who have taken an active role in conducting research or dissemination thereof through conferences and other channels.

ICM Education Award 2019

As an encouragement and example for midwifery educators, the ICM Education Award seeks to recognise midwives who create original, innovative and easily reproducible education programmes/courses at pre-service or in-service levels. 




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