ICM, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, provides annual awards - ICM Research Award, ICM Education Award, and the Marie Goubran Agent of Change Award. Please read more about each award category below:  

  • ICM Research Award
    • USD 7,000 financial support for a midwifery research project.
    • Sponsorship to attend the ICM Triennial Congress in Bali and the opportunity to present a poster about the project.
  • ICM Education Award
    • USD 7,500 financial support for a midwifery education project
    • Sponsorship to attend the ICM Triennial Congress in Bali and the opportunity to present a poster about the project.
  • Marie Goubran Agent of Change Award
    • USD 4,500 financial support for a project promoting midwives as agents of change.
    • Sponsorship to attend the ICM Triennial Congress in Bali and the opportunity to present a poster about the project.

2020 Award Winners

Andari Wuri Astuti (Research Award recipient) 

Description of Andari's project:

This study aims to investigate barriers and facilitators related to specific maternity services for adolescents with pregnancy in Indonesia. This research could potentially contribute to national target of early access to maternity care, on reducing infant mortality and morbidity, on promotion of healthy life style during pregnancy, on prevention of perinatal mental health disorders, on supporting young parents into their parenthood transition, and on increasing breastfeeding among young mothers.

Animut Tagele Tamiru (Education Award recipient)

Description of Animut's project: 

The project aims to launch Volunteers for Midwifery Competency Team (VMCT) as innovative educational tool for the purpose of advancing the level of midwifery educational program to the international standard. The progrma will have a tailored approach to both the students and to the Midwifery educational system to advance the competency of Midwives. This innovative, original and easily reproducible project will involve direct contact with students, using showcase as well as social media for networking to make students and the Midwifery education uptodate.

Keflie Yohannes (Education Award recipient)

Description of Keflie's project: 

Midwives working in clinical setting are frontline and busy of many patient flows and responsibilities. Thus they have little time and exposure to conduct researches. This study will assess their research capacity and explores factors, which will help to set applicable approaches to improve their capacity and capability to conduct problem solving midwifery-led researches. Moreover the study will explore strategies to improve Midwifery Curriculum at University of Gondar and enhance the capacity of undergraduate students. 

Manju Chhugani (Marie Goubran Agent of Change Award recipient) 

Description of Manju's project: 

The aim of this project is to assess the effectiveness of safe delievery application among nursing students, and their satisfaction regarding its use in selected nursing colleges of New Delhi, India.

Nicodem Komba (Research Award recipient)

Description of Nicodem's project:

Maternal infection is among top 3 leading direct causes of maternal mortality in Tanzania. Investigating the prevelence and determinants of surgical site infections among mothers who've undergone caesaresan delivery is key towards setting the strategies on how to remedy this problem. A lot has been done on the prevention of maternal mortality by improving capacity towards proper management of PPH and Hypertensive disorders like pre-eclampsia, but less or nothing has been done in adressing maternal mortality by strengtherning safe and clean birth with post-delivery care and management. So, therefore, getting to know the burden of infection and its determinants to mothers delivered by caesarean section would be key towards setting priorities and stragies of preventing its occurance, and understanding the reason behind the increase in caesarean sections. 


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