Apply for the 2021-23 Young Midwife Leaders Programme

Apply for the 2021-23 Young Midwife Leaders Programme

Calling all young midwives: Interested in a leadership development programme? Applications are open for the 2021-23 YML programme.

Apply for the 2021-23 Young Midwife Leaders Programme

Following on from a very successful Young Midwife Leaders programme the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is now calling for application to the 2021-23 Young Midwife Leaders (YML) programme.     

The YML programme is a 2-year programme which provides young midwives with a unique opportunity to learn how to develop as leaders in their professional lives and the communities they work in.  The programme challenges young midwives to broaden their knowledge of key policy areas in maternal and newborn health and create innovative projects to address some of the biggest global health challenges of today.  

The YML programme consists of:   

  • Online, interactive learning on leadership, and the role and function of International Confederation of Midwives   
  • A combination of group and individual projects  
  • ICM will support a chosen mentor for each YML to develop their mentoring skills    

 The programme aims to identify young midwives with the potential to become leaders within their national midwifery communities and to build their capacity to become the global and regional midwifery leaders of tomorrow.  

Selection Criteria   

You must fulfill the following criteria to apply for this programme:    

  • A registered midwife.  
  • 35 years of age or under at the time of application.
  • Reside in and provide midwifery care in a low/middle income country.
  • Must be a member of an ICM Member Midwives Association in the country of residence, and be endorsed by the President of that association.
  • Have clear communication skills.  
  • Speak, write and read English language fluently.  
  • Be committed to developing leadership ability.  
  • Can complete a 2-year programme and can meet project deadlines.  
  • Be able to spend up to 5 hours per week on  programme related activities. 
  • Have a project proposal to strengthen midwifery services in a country.  
  • Possess strong computer skills (e.g. use Microsoft Office or similar programmes).  
  • Have consistent access to a computer and reliable internet connection.  

ICM is currently unable to host multilingual Young Midwife Leader programmes, or to provide translation and interpretation, however, our intention is to facilitate programmes in the future in other languages subject to funding. 

Application Process:  

When applying, please submit the following 5 documents:   

  1. Motivational Letter: A 1000-word proposal/essay in English that includes the following:
    1. A short pitch about yourself and why you are applying.
    2. Outline your philosophy and personal commitment towards women, newborn and quality midwifery care.   
    3. Describe your personal vision for midwifery in your country.   
    4. Provide a brief description of your midwifery work in the community (service delivery, advocacy, etc.) and what makes you a potential leader.   
    5. Describe briefly what leadership qualities you would like to strengthen and improve.   
    6. Your goals after finishing the programme 
  2. A project proposal outlining the potential impact on the wider midwifery community in a country. If you are selected this will be your primary project which you will undertake during the 2-year programme. The project proposal outline must meet the following criteria:
    1. Start with the WHY (describe why you want to do this project before describing what and how you do it) 
    2. Have a focus on strengthening midwifery care and services and improving distribution and working conditions of midwives in your country.  
    3. Describe in what way the project contributes to the vision and mission of the midwives association in your country
    4. Who should be involved and how are you planning to involve them?
    5. Must include a background, sharply formulated and realistic objectives, target audience, challenges, risks, strategy, budget, funding, timeline? potential influence on midwifery.
    6. The project proposal outline must not exceed 1,500 words.
  3. A signed letter of recommendation from the President of the Midwives Association, for both the YML nomination and the YML’s proposed project. The letter to include an outline of how the YML will be included in future governance.
  4. Evidence of registration as a midwife.
  5. Evidence of age (must be an official document with a photograph, e.g. passport, or driver’s licence).  

Submit your applications via email to Ann Yates, Head of Midwifery and Association Strenthening Team at Questions? Feel free to reach out to the same address to discuss the application process.

Please ensure that your document meets the appropriate format and size as per requirements below.

  • Format: Microsoft Word or PDF.  
  • Document title: Label each document with your full name_title of the document e.g. John Smith_ Project Proposal

Incomplete applications will not be considered so please make sure you have sent all 5 documents in the correct form and labeled correctly.  

Applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee which will develop a short-list of applicants to interview.   

Based on final recommendations, the Selection Committee will draw up the final list of 15 Young Midwife Leaders programme participants. Applicants and their respective midwives associations will be notified by email.  

Deadline for submission: 11:59 PM CET 17 December 2021  




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