100 Years of ICM

100 Years of ICM

Welcome to the one-hundred-year anniversary of ICM!

One hundred years ago, the International Midwives Union (IMU) was created in Belgium, the forerunner of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). Since then, ICM has transformed into what it is today: a global non-governmental organisation representing more than 140 midwives’ associations (MAs) in more than 120 countries – together, these associations represent over one million midwives worldwide. We could not be prouder to stand for midwives and their associations as they stand for the rights, dignity, and health of women and newborns everywhere. We see this milestone as an opportunity to acknowledge where we have come from as an organisation while simultaneously exploring the next hundred years of ICM and what it would mean for global health if midwives received the enabling environment they deserve.


In our committed effort to foster and promote inclusivity and diversity as core organisational values, ICM will conduct a Listening and Learning series called 'Pass the Mic' throughout 2022, creating space to explore and learn together in an effort to safeguard the trust women and families have in our profession. A key component of this work will be hosting open conversations between our midwife community alongside experts and individuals with lived experience on a range of topics related to equity and inclusion. The goal of these conversations will be to learn from different perspectives and ensure all midwives and the people they care for feel heard and represented.


This year we will be formally launching the With Women charity – ICM’s effort to secure greater individual investments in the midwifery profession. This charity will promote organisational sustainability and will dramatically improve our ability to support midwives' associations and their members. Stay tuned for launch details!


2022 will be a time for celebration and we plan on doing exactly that at key intervals throughout the year including on International Day of the Midwife (May 5, 2022). You can expect to hear from us shortly with resources to support your IDM celebrations.

So, are you ready to kick off this year-long celebration? We have developed social media and website banners to support our global midwifery community in celebrating the anniversary. We hope midwives and their supporters everywhere will see this milestone as an opportunity to celebrate and promote the life-saving, life-enhancing work of midwives.

Happy anniversary to all!

Click here to access the 100 Years of ICM Toolkit.

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