Benefits of being a Member of ICM

As an ICM Member you benefit from the influence the confederation has on a global level, you extend your advocacy and you gain credibility with your own governmental institutions. As a member of ICM you:

  • Increase your skills, knowledge and networking opportunities through participation in ICM meetings, capacity building workshops and conferences.
  • Make a personal impact! Present yourself to be elected as member of the ICM Board or ICM Council for a three year period.
  • Get involved in the ICM Standing Committee and have the chance to be elected as a Member of one of our Standing Committee: Research, Education, and Regulation.
  • Receive the International Journal of Childbirth - the official publication of the ICM - free of charge and published on a quarterly basis. It will keep you up to date on current events affecting your profession.
  • Get a voice and the opportunity to contribute in global projects and meetings, as for example the preparation of the SOWMY report.
  • Be part of our network of over 100 Midwives Associations and 300,000 midwives globally.
  • Get priority access to be involved in ICM projects.
  • Strengthen your association by joining a twinning project.
  • Be the next Midwives Association to co-host the ICM Triennial Congress.
  • Use our website as a promotional tool to convey your messages and share news and information on the work and success stories of your Association.
  • Increase your credibility by being part of an international organization highly respected in countries and among other professions.


Bénéfices d'être membre d'ICM

Beneficios de ser miembro de ICM




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ICM is the only global organisation representing the world’s midwives and midwifery. 

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