Becoming a Member of ICM

Since its founding, ICM has grown from a small group of Midwives Associations in western Europe to a major confederation of over 116 autonomous Midwives Associations from countries in every part of the globe.

Process of ApplicationProcédure d'adhésion, Proceso de afiliación

Criteria for membership are:

  • Be a midwives association or recognized midwifery section within another association
  • Have a constitution
  • Have within the association midwives that are registered and/or legally licensed to practice
  • Have or working towards a recognized midwifery education programme within your country that prepares midwives to meet the ICM International Definition of a Midwife ENFR, SP


Each association is headed by midwives who determine their own governance and activities and are committed to the mission, vision and aims of ICM.

To apply please download the application form. Pour adhérer, veuillez télécharger le formulaire d’adhésion, formulario de afiliación

For further questions please contact:


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