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ICM has grown from a small group of Midwives Associations in Western Europe to a major Confederation with more than 108 autonomous associations from countries all over the world. By strengthening member associations, ICM advances the profession of midwifery globally promoting autonomous midwives as the most appropriate caregivers for childbearing women. 

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Midwives' Division, Japanese Nursing Association

Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) is a nationwide and the largest healthcare professional organization in Japan, which advocates nurses including midwives.  JNA was established in 1946 and its membership is on voluntary basis.  Our three missions are (1) improving nursing quality based on nursing expertise rooted in education and self-learning, (2) promoting to create the environment in which nurses are able to continue working peacefully throughout their life, and (3) developing and expanding nursing areas to meet people’s needs.

For midwifery, based on these missions, we work to provide midwifery care to all pregnant and postpartum women and newborns.


5-8-2 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku
150-0001 Tokyo

Phone +81 3 5778 8559 Fax+81 3 5778 8478 Email intl@nurse.or.jp kenkoseisaku@nurse.or.jp www.nurse.or.jp
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Midwifery in Japan
Midwifery in Japan
10 April 2014

Japanese Nursing Association published a report about the state of midwifery in Japan.