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ICM has grown from a small group of Midwives Associations in Western Europe to a major Confederation with more than 108 autonomous associations from countries all over the world. By strengthening member associations, ICM advances the profession of midwifery globally promoting autonomous midwives as the most appropriate caregivers for childbearing women. 

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Collège National des Sages-Femmes

The National College of Midwives of France is an independent association whose mission is to defend and affirm the midwives in the French périnatal landscape. It is an essential voice working along with users groups to implement périnatal policies
It provides a framework for professional debate on:

• Périnatal and public health policy
• The quality of birth
• The research in midwifery and in périnatal care, the evaluation of professional practices and the communication of  the research,
• The quality of the initial training of midwives and continuous education


PARIS 75015

Phone +33 6 16 56 22 82 Email contact@cnsf.asso.fr teurnier.fred@cegetel.net agnes.simon1@wanadoo.fr www.cnsf.asso.fr
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French midwives on strike
French midwives on strike
8 November 2013

French midwives are demanding to be recognised as first-line practitioners and be integrated into the healthcare plans.