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ICM has grown from a small group of Midwives Associations in Western Europe to a major Confederation with more than 116 autonomous associations from countries all over the world. By strengthening member associations, ICM advances the profession of midwifery globally promoting autonomous midwives as the most appropriate caregivers for childbearing women. 

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Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives

The Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives (ZICOM) is a professional association for midwives and a non- governmental organisation which was launched in 1995 in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is a member of the International Confederation of Midwives.ZICOM envisions a high profile with competent midwives offering quality evidenced based midwifery care, effectively contributing to the reduction of maternal and child morbidity and mortality and collaborating as an equal partner with other health care professions and stakeholders.

The main objective of ZICOM is to advocate for the accelerated achievement of millennium development goals 4 and 5 on reducing child mortality and improving maternal health respectively. This will be achieved through:
- Advocating and lobbying for all women and families to access evidenced- based SRHR care.
- Developing midwifery capacity for the provision of quality, evidenced-based, cost effective SRHR interventions and services to women and children.
- Promoting evidenced based midwifery practice at all levels.


64 Selous Avenue /

7th street Belvedere

Harare 263


Phone +263-4-2936760 +263-772376287 Email zimzicom@gmail.com dodzolilian@yahoo.com
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Increasing  Access to Quality Nursing and Midwifery Care
Increasing Access to Quality Nursing and Midwifery Care
15 September 2014

5th Quadrennial General Meeting and 11th Scientific Conference  of the East, Central and Southern African College of Nursing (ECSACON).


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