ICM Board 

In June 2011 the Council appointed a new Board with Frances Day-Stirk elected as ICM President for the next three years.

Vice-President: Debrah Lewis

Treasurer: Marian van Huis

Regional Board Members:

Representing Africa: Laurence Monteiro; Deliwe Nancy Nyathikazi
Representing The Americas: Frances Ganges; Mirian Teresa Solís Rojas
Representing Asia Pacific: Sue Bree; Mary Kirk
Representing Europe: Mary Higgins; Maria Papadopoulou; Ingela Wiklund

Chief Executive: Frances Ganges


Photograph: The new ICM Board at its first meeting in 2011

Back row L-R: Radka Wilhelmová (Representing the 2014 Triennial Congress host Association); Frances Ganges (Chief Executive); Laurence Monteiro (Africa West); Mary Kirk (Asia/Pacific); Sue Bree (Asia/Pacific); Maria Papadopoulou (Southern Europe); Mary Higgins (Central Europe); Mirian Teresa Solís Rojas (Central/South America); Ingela Wiklund (Northern Europe)

Front row L-R: Agneta Bridges (former Secretary General); Debrah Lewis (Vice President); Frances Day-Stirk (President); Marian van Huis (Treasurer) Inset: Deliwe Nyathikazi (Africa East)