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Sierra Leone President and Betty

ICM introduced Twinning as an approach to strengthen midwives association in 2009. According to the MDGs Report (2014) maternal mortality remains unacceptably high across much of the developing world. In attempting to address the maternal mortality rate ICM, with financial support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)  developed the project Midwives: Enhancing the Reproductive Health of Women which began in 2009.

This project aims to strengthen midwives associations and enable midwives to effectively contribute to enhancing the reproductive health of women and reduce maternal and newborn mortality in their countries. Through this project, capacity building activities are leading to improved associations’ systems and policies; increased midwives' skills and motivation which in turn are expected to translate into better performance ensuring a sustainable impact on service delivery for the benefit of women, and their families.The first set of "Twins" was the Sierra Leone Midwives Association and the Dutch Organization of Midwives (KNOV). This was funded by the Meshwork Project. The approach produced such good results that other sets of twins have since been established.

These twins  have gone a long way and the results of their relationship are being used to strengthen other midwives association in the region. The SLMA is now taking the lead as the focal point for the Platform of Exchange in English Speaking West Africa ( a network for sharing skills, knowledge and best practices within the region incluidng Sierra Leone, Gambia, Liberia and Nigeria).

The new Twinning Manual is now available for download here

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