Platforms of Exchange - Networking

Platforms of exchange have been initiated to enhance communication within and between regions. This is a critical strategy for sustainability.


A platform of exchange is characterised by mutli-directional communication flows within and between individuals, countries and regions.

Outcomes of a platform of exchange:

  • Associations are strengthened as they learn from each other in the platform. Hosting events enables the associations to get stronger as organisations. 
  • Midwives take the lead and become visible in maternal and newborn health issues.
  • Groups of countries benefit from the focal point which was a twin. As the focal point learns from its twin, it shares with its neighbours. This will enhance north-south-south –south diffusion of information, skills and best practices.
  • The platform provides a sense of belonging and identity for midwives. 
  • Relationships developed are not limited to pairs of associations; they are open to as many countries as is feasible for the exchange of information, resources and best practices within and among regions.
  • Non member associations are encouraged to become members of ICM


Photograph: Gap Analysis Workshop Liberia


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