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Becoming a Member

Criteria for membership are:

  • Be a midwives association or recognized midwifery section within another association
  • Have a constitution
  • Have within the association midwives that are registered and/or legally licensed to practice
  • Have or working towards a recognized midwifery education programme within your country that prepares midwives to meet the ICM International Definition of a Midwife ENFRSP 


Each association is headed by midwives who determine their own governance and activities and are committed to the mission, vision and aims of ICM. Find out more about becoming a member

Features for Members:

  • List of Member Associations, - you will see that when we post News items related to Midwives Associations, the articles will also feature on your own pages – we welcome any News items you may wish to send. 
  • ICM Documents easily identified and grouped under Education, Regulation and Association, as well as being easily available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Knowledge area where you can find all ICM, Partner, and general information on our work across midwifery, maternal and neonatal and reproductive health, and related areas.
  • Lots of pictures and user friendly text whether for your computer, interactive tablet or smart phone, with printable PDFs. We welcome any photographs from work in the field that we may be able to use on the website (and if high quality, for print use as well). 
  • A new blog function - please do send us your blogs on recent activity!



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ICM Triennial Congress 2014 Prague 


International Day of the Midwife