Less than two months to go until the 30th Triennial Congress in Prague!  

Don't forget to register and put it in your diary to join thousands of midwives from all over the world. 

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24th - 26th April 2014

Eskişehir, Turkey

1st International - 5th National Midwifery Student Congress

25th - 26th April 2014

Copenhagen, Denmark

8th Conference of the European Lactation Consultants Alliance, ELACTA

Lactation consultants IBCLCs, midwives, nurses, doctors and all those interested in breastfeeding and lactation are invited to join. The lectures are held in English, with German and French simultaneous translation. Take the opportunity to share your experience and research results on the topic of breastfeeding and lactation with other professionals. Posters can be submitted up to January 5th 2014.

The Pre-Congress on 24 April 2014 focuses on practical aspects.
Danish health care facilities (maternity wards, departments of Neonatology and
Healthvisitors) offer participants of the ELACTA Pre-Conference the opportunity for a study visit (morning or afternoon - a limited number of participants). In addition, the participants of the Pre-Congress can choose from eleven different workshops. Workshops will be in English, with one workshop in French and one in German.

25th - 26th April 2014

Glasgow, Scotland

MAMA (Mothers and Midwives Alliance) Conference 2014

MAMA Conference 2014 is in its fifth year, and is being hosted in the Glasgow Hilton Hotel in Scotland on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of April this year. Please take a look at the website if you wish to find any further information.

6th - 9th May 2014

Isfahan, Iran

Nursing and Midwifery Conference on Health and Wellbeing

The first International Nursing and Midwifery Congress, 6-9 May 2014 in Isfahan,Iran. This gathering will be held in cooperation with association of The International Council of Nurses (ICN) and The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). 
This congress is the first international congress held in Isfahan and can be a good opportunity to collect the most recent opinions and results on the various aspects of health and well being. An excellent collection of scientific sessions will be prepared which will include the lectures,oral presentations and posters which will be displayed. You can register only via the website and visit the website for the detailed program. 

2nd - 23rd June 2014


The ICM 30th Triennial Congress

Prague Congress 2014

5th - 7th November 2014

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The CAM/ACSF 2014 Annual Conference

The Canadian Association of Midwives Annual Conference will be held on November 5 to 7, 2014 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

CAM's Program Planning Committee is inviting Canadian and international speakers to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations on scientific, clinical and philosophical topics of importance to practicing midwives and maternity care providers, students, educators and health policy makers. 

Abstracts submissions deadline: March 31st, 2014 at 5:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). Deadline extended to April 11th, 2014. Click here to submit your abstract.

7th - 8th November 2014

Prague, Czech Republic

International Conference on Homebirth

The conference, titled 'Homebirth – What Do We Know about It?', is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about homebirth. Its aim is to provide both professional and lay publics with missing information that will help them replace the grim image of homebirth with a truer picture supported by the experience of professionals from abroad and the results of research dealing with homebirths. In addition to the outcomes of scientific research in the field of homebirths, the conference will show the participants examples of good practice from different countries, providing them with up-to-date information on the legislative situation regarding births at home and offering alternative options for homebirth. Parents will also share their experience. Practical skills will be shared in workshops.

10th - 22nd November 2014


Midwifery Study Tour to China

This midwifery study tour provides specialised access to Chinese institutions and local practitioners. The tour provides excellent insight into the application of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Western medical techniques and provides a fascinating insight into China by looking at its history, contemporary culture and medicine, with particular focus on midwifery and child health. The tour includes a number of fascinating cultural visits and talks that complement the professional visits. The tour is led by Nicky Leap, Adjunct Professor of Midwifery at the University of Technology, Sydney. For further information contact or + 44 (0)20 7223 5618.

19th - 23rd June 2015

Seoul, Korea

Global Citizen, Global Nursing: Call for Abstracts

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is pleased to announce the Call for Abstracts for its Conference and meeting of the Council of National Representatives in Seoul, South Korea in June 2015. Under the theme, Global Citizen, Global Nursing, the Conference will take place from 19-23 June 2015.  Instructions for submitting abstracts for the scientific programme and details on the themes to be addressed can be accessed at The deadline for abstract submission is 7 October 2014

4th - 9th October 2015

Vancouver, Canada

XXI FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Theme: Quality Care for Women throughout Life: Partners for Health

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