Midwives changing lives and communities in Herat Province, Afghanistan

After losing her first baby two years ago as a 15 year old, JanBibi recently gave birth to a baby boy who was born prematurely, weighing just 1400 grams. A midwife named Malali and a recently established Neonatal Unit at Rezaee Hospital in Herat Province, Afghanistan were the difference between life and death. Unfortunately this life saving health service was not…

‘I feel proud to be making a difference as a midwife!’

In a mini-blog series ICM is highlighting the role of midwives. The series continues with a blog about Kingsley Musama from Zimbabwe.

Midwife in South Sudan Champions Innovative Program to Reduce Bleeding after Birth

The world’s youngest country, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 after the world’s longest civil war. These years of unrest left the country’s health care system with inadequate infrastructure, personnel and funding, causing adverse health consequences—particularly for women and children.

Mary Rose Dalaka sees this reality every day.…

Formal Event for SOWMy Data Collection

The Midwives Association of Afghanistan professionally organized workshops for the data collection and discussion for the State of the Worlds Midwifery Report (SOWMy 2014).

How the International Definition of the Midwife helped in Indonesia

Read about the fight to protect the profession of midwifery in a small region of Indonesia.

Midwives of Togo organize SOWMy process

After receiving information from ICM on the planned State of the World’s Midwifery Report 2014 (SOWMy), the President of the Togo Midwives Association, Héloise Adandogou-dAlmeida acted promptly and contacted the local UNFPA office to obtain information…

Midwives make a Difference

Talking about midwives in the development context may seem out of place at first, as many people might not be aware of the work they do. However, looking deeper it becomes clear that midwives play a vital role in development, especially with regard to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). So what exactly is a midwife and what do they do?
The word midwife literally means ‘with woman’.…

Dutch pregnant women wish to have midwife-led care in their vicinity

A recent study conducted by TNS NIPO (Dutch survey agency) has shown that Dutch women wish to have midwife-led care in their vicinity, and choice on where to give birth.

The tale of a male midwife

Jojit at work“I have the same skills and education as a female midwife”, says Jojit Gonzales Binimile, a male midwife from the Philippines. Jojit works in his community in the town of Pantukan in Mindanao, a region in the Philippines troubled…

Bangladesh Midwifery Society (BMS)

The Bangladesh Midwifery Society (BMS) celebrated its third foundation day last week. It was founded in August 2010 by 24 founding members who were all part of the first batch of the newly introduced 6-months post-basic Certificate in Midwifery programme for nurse-midwives.The Government of Bangladesh initiated this programme…