How Ebola affects Midwives in Liberia and Sierra Leone

As the Ebola epidemic rages on, it greatly affects midwives in their work to care for pregnant women, mothers and their babies. Since the Ebola crisis the health system has been crutched and in many ways and the efforts to improve maternal and newborn health have been undermined. “In Liberia too many health workers contracted the virus and died just like that”, says Anita Varney, Assistant Secretary…

"Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on"

ICM President Frances Day-Stirk reflects on the events in 2014 and looks towards a 2015 full of work for improved maternity care for the women, babies and families of the world.

"Sharing the Joy of the Baby's Progresses with the Midwife"

A mother and father of a premature baby reflect on their experiences they had with their midwife before and after birth of their son at 32 weeks.

“It is the task of the midwife, where there are women and children, that is where we go”

A young Indonesian midwife shares with us why she is going to work in a hard to reach area, what challenges she is expecting and what impact she hopes to have. Her writing has only been marginally changed to keep it as authentic as possible.

Village Office turned Maternity Ward

Revolutionary project re-engages retired midwives who have returned to their communities and trains 300 midwives on emergency skills in Tanzania to save the lives of women and babies.

Cathy Warwick General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives led a study tour to South Africa

In a guest blog Cathy Warwick reflects on the study tour she led to South Africa and compares the challenges with the circumstances in the UK and Australia

"All the women I met have let some kind of a trace inside of me"

In a mini-blog series for IDM2014 ICM is highlighting the role of midwives. The series continues with a guest blog from the Nele Segers, a Belgian midwife working for Doctors without Borders.

Announcing the Daily Newsletter from Congress

ICM President Frances Day-Stirk on how to stay up to date on the countless events during the ICM Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, from 1-5 June 2014.

Midwife Sri as Ambassador for Health Workers

In a mini-blog series ICM is highlighting the role of midwives and the changes they bring about. The series continues with a blog about midwife Sri from Indonesia.

How Nancy changed a whole community by giving hope to a girl

Nancy Ale is a midwife with over 30 years experience working in a public hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires is not only the capital of Argentina, but also a province with 24 districts, the size of Italy. The living standards between the capital and the provinces are extremely different with high standards in the capital and very low standards in the communities. Nancy says that universities…